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Only 13% of companies are fully confident they have the skills to compete in a sustainable economy


Legitimacy, Credibility & Reliability

Elementaly, along with our flagship business intelligence platform Mosaica, helps apparel & fashion brands meet and scale their sustainability ambitions while maintaining state-of-the-art data and documentation management practices.

Consistent & Reliable Target Tracking

Automatically track progress against your sustainability goals with automated data analysis – powered by artificial intelligence.

Legitimate & Credible Claims

Ensure that every single statement is backed up with evidence, automatically cross-checked against industry repositories.

Clear & Easy Decision Making

By automating and scaling routine tasks, Mosaica can help your organisation focus on strategic decision making instead of data and documentation management.

Track Key Performance Indicators With Confidence

Say goodbye to tedious data management in Excel and labyrinth folder structures for transaction certificates. Mosaica collects, analyses and stores evidence of sustainable material use and links it directly to your Purchase Orders, giving you on-demand access to the data behind your claims.

Stay Connected with Audit-Ready Data Management

Mosaica gives you everything in one place – from departmental or supplier performance Dashboards to a complete library of risk management tools – allowing you to see critical issues tailored specifically to your business function or role.  



Automated Data Analysis & Record Management with AI

Managing data in silos and cross checking records manually adds a cost and time burden to every organisation. Mosaica automates the mundane, and by leveraging artificial intelligence, gathering and analysing data – including that of chain-of-custody certificates – becomes a breeze. 

Managing Sustainability Performance Without Headaches

Mosaica will help your organisation say goodbye to the days of emailing documents, tracking sustainable materials with spreadsheets and second guessing whether you will meet your goals.

All of which lets you spend more time on what matters – forging ahead with your ambitions for change.

"Since 2018, Elementaly have been instrumental in helping us track against our goals with confidence - we are excited to see how Mosaica can help us push that to the next level."

– Corporate Responsibility Director, S&P500 Apparel & Fashion Multinational

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